Goue Vissies Kiddie Care Centre!

The Goue Vissies Kiddie Care Centre is a Christian based learning and caring facility for kids under the age of six years. Our well trained personnel are friendly, caring and fun loving people who give only their best to take care of your child.

Our VISION is to create a well balanced environment where kids can be able to learn through play. We believe that every child has the right to be a child whilst he/she is still a child. We make it our MISSION to ensure that every child develops to the best of his/her ability, emotionally, physically as well as mentally. Being part of Goue Vissies is not only being part of a school it is being part of a family. The Centre offers a large variety of activities inside and outside the class room. Activities includes: Play, gross and fine motor development, visual and auditive skills, body image, emotional awareness, computer training, day trips, fun days, just to name a few. Enrollment to the Centre is quick and easy. You will need –

  • an Enrollment form
  • copy of ID
  • proof of income
  • proof of address
  • child’s birth certificate
  • one month’s fee in advance and
  • the registration fee

For your convenience the Centre is open from 6h00 to 18h00, Monday to Friday. We are also open during school holidays with the exception of public holidays. Being part of Goue Vissies is not only being part of a school,
it is being part of a family!

Enrol Your Child for 2023

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